Last Will and Testament, Life Insurance


This is a sentence my wife loves. When I say it – not when she says it. It is all about you Honey. And you know what they say…happy wife, happy life! (There is a reason why nothing rhymes with happy husband…)

As I said previously, we had a long distance relationship, and moved in together 4 months before our wedding. Before we knew each other, and then while living apart, she had her own household insurance, life insurance, retirement annuities etc, and I had mine. But, things change. We became a family. And we needed different things to when we were single, care free individuals. We could no longer think only about ourselves.

Naturally, we set up our prenup, and from there, everything changed. EVERYTHING. We share our short-term insurance, medical aid, last will & testament, rent, electricity, food budget and the list goes on.

Change doesn’t stop there, as life happens. You evolve. You learn. You grow. Your family grows. And each change, mean a change in your financial needs.

Be sure to speak to your financial wellness advisor regularly, in order to keep your affairs up to date. If you don’t have one, let me know! I will take you for a cup of coffee, and we can discuss YOU.

You never know when it will be the last time you can say “It is all about you, Honey”.

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