Honey, I am home!

Who can forget the Dinosaurs TV show of the 90’s, with Earl Sinclair proudly announcing his homecoming, after a hard day of work. Aaaaah, the good old days! Today, the wife is no longer waiting at the front door with a cold beer in her hand, a home cooked meal ready to be served and the kids in bed. A man’s gotta earn his keep!

I decided to marry my wife because she told me to. (and I love her, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, but that is not the point).  That was the start of me not getting that cold beer.

I learned very early on in my marriage, that just because I wear the pants, doesn’t make me the one wearing the pants.

My wife is a strong willed, opiniated, funny, challenging wonder. She has her own ideas about almost everything. Except maybe how to tie a fly for fly-fishing.

For the rest, we share every decision,  every chore, every task. Or so she tells me.

Because of the march in August 1956 that was the start of many changes in laws and in what was previously known as “a man’s world”, I am forever challenged, grateful and loved.

Happy Women’s Month to all the fabulous women out there, making a difference in this “man’s world”