We believe that no year should be written off especially one with the power to redefine your future and turn delayed dreams into windows of opportunity.

Join the nationwide movement #2020TwoPoint0 and bring a new energy, a new attitude and a new momentum that will make you look back on this chapter on your journey to success with zero regret. We have been amazed by the things people have been getting up to during lockdown – whether it is improving their cooking or baking skills, or learning to play a new musical instrument, people have been busy. Even during alert level 3 of lockdown, many people may still have some flexibility in their time. It may be useful to also use this time to take care of personal admin that you usually put on the backburner for the end of the year.

Whether it’s finally putting time into investigating that leak on your ceiling, clearing your gutters and drains or any other wear and tear on your property, use the time wisely and take preventative measures to protect your valuables.

Now is also the perfect time to re-evaluate your other insurance policies and ask yourself if you are getting the most out of your current vehicle insurance plan. Our financial advisers are operating successfully with access to online platforms and can also provide you with a quote, within minutes, for vehicle cover to make sure you are getting the best cover.

What to expect on level 3 lockdown

We will remain fully operational across all business areas under level 3 of the lockdown.

To protect the health and safety of our clients and employees we will maintain a “no visitors” policy at Momentum’s offices, unless prior arrangements were made.

Financial Relief

We recently shared our plans on how to assist clients who are financially affected by the pandemic with you. These are a reminder of the financial relief options available

An early claims cashback release on the Safety Bonus and Rewarder benefit, for clients who are eligible. Limited travel and working from home adds to your Safe Dayz™ which means more rewards toward your Safety Bonus.

Premium and cover ‘pause’ option – upon reinstatement of the premium following the pause, Momentum Car and Home Insurance will not deem the period as a break in cover, which otherwise might impact your risk profile and future premiums.

If you choose to ‘downscale’ your cover within the lockdown period and revert to the original cover within 10-working days after the lifting of the lockdown level 1, Momentum Car and Home Insurance will keep premiums the same as it was before the change, provided there is no material change in the risk.

Contact us to assist you in choosing the right option for you. You can send an email to and we will call you back.