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Its official | Alexander Forbes Insurance is now Momentum Insurance

Momentum-Alexander Forbes

Its official – we are proud to announce that Alexander Forbes Insurance (AFI) will be operating as Momentum Insurance (MI) from the 15th of July 2020.

In the lead up to this significant milestone, we’ve made some exciting changes to welcome our new family home and a few enhancements in the Momentum Car and Home Insurance space to provide you with continuous convenience at the touch of a button.

Interactive and personalised, the Momentum Chatbot will guide you through an AI-powered conversation to help resolve issues you may have with managing any unpaid premiums for the month. 

The Chatbot will provide options like: 
  •  update your banking details
  •  request an agent to call you to view more affordable cover options
  •  assist with resubmission of the premium collection 

Click here for a short video on the functionality.

While this is the next step toward the end state of a single brand operating under one license, a process that will gradually happen over the next 12-24 months, the two entities will currently remain in operation as two separate businesses. 

By integrating our teams and systems, we’ll be combining our unique strengths to provide an improved client experience, faster operations and easier processes. This will ultimately provide you with a unique journey to success that’s much easier, more convenient and safer to navigate.

We’re here for your journey to success.