Michael Pfister

Michael Pfister

I started in the financial industry in 2003 with very little knowledge of what it takes to be successful. Fortunately for me, there was one brilliant man who saw something in me, and gave me a chance. He guided me through my first few years and taught me what it takes to “make it” in this industry.

He taught me that it is all about my client. Nothing about this is about me. He taught me to focus on my client, focus on the client’s individual needs, rather than the stock standard method of everyone needs everything and whatever can give me the biggest kickback.

This philosophy has served me well during my career, and I have gathered extensive experience in individual as well as business financial planning, ranging from personal wills to group benefits.

In October 2018 we opened the doors of Momentum Financial Wellness Practice Irene, with the aim to provide new (and old) Financial Advisers with a comfortable space to work in, flood them with knowledge, tips and tricks to serve you, their customer better. 

You are still my priority. I am now teaching others to also make you a priority.