Momentum Multiply

Momentum Multiply lockdown level 3 update

Did you know, since lockdown began on 27 March, our members have earned over 500 000 Active Dayz™? We’re so proud of all of you. This shows a commitment to staying active and being healthy – which is what being a Multiply member is all about.

Keep the momentum!

Your physical and mental health is important, especially during times of isolation and social anxiety. From 1 June, we will allocate your earned Active Dayz for 10 000 steps, 300 calories or online gym sessions. We will not be allocating your average Active Dayz based on past gym visits or Parkruns for June.

Make sure your fitness device or app is linked to your Multiply profile by clicking here. Don’t have a fitness device? Get one at a great discount on the Multiply online shop!

You can also download the FitVault app to track steps or the Strava app to log jogging, walking or cycling. Both apps are free and all you need is your mobile phone.

If you miss the gym…

If you’re a member of Virgin ActivePlanet Fitness or Curves, you can also register and participate in their online workouts. You will automatically get an active day for completing any session that’s at least 30 minutes. Contact your gym for more information on these online workouts. If you have a fitness device, don’t forget to wear it during the session so your progress can be tracked.

That’s it for now. We’ll keep you informed if anything changes. And remember, if you’re heading outdoors to exercise, always practise physical distancing, wear a mask and stay safe.