Estate Provider Benefit

Leave behind good memories, and a stable financial future

Death is traumatic and emotional for those left behind.

And if you’ve dedicated your life to make sure that your loved ones are taken care of, you don’t want them to worry about finances because of cash shortfalls in your estate.

Life should continue for your loved ones when you are no longer around, because you planned with your financial adviser, and have the following in place:

  • A financial plan to manage your finances making sure that there will be enough money
  • Life insurance that pays out when you die.

What happens to your Estate?

  • Will your loved ones know what your wishes were?
  • Is there enough cash to pay for winding up your estate?
  • Will your debts be paid? There are many professional and administration fees charged to wind up an estate. And if you haven’t planned for these costs, it becomes your family’s problem. Make sure that your estate will be attended to properly and efficiently and that your family isn’t left with executor fees and other shortfalls when you pass away.

Momentum Trust is a leading provider of wills and trust services in South Africa, with extensive experience of working with financial advisers to make sure that our services align with your needs and your legacy.

This benefit gives you peace of mind knowing that your will is safe, that there will be enough money available in your estate to cover administration costs, and that any amount not used will boost your estate because it will be paid back.