Pension and Provident Fund for Businesses

‘Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.’  

Richard branson

FundsAtWork is a product provider within Momentum who is one of the largest providers of group risk benefits in South Africa. Using our extensive experience in the employee benefits market, we have developed packaged solutions for various industries, taking the unique needs and characteristics of each industry into account. We have researched the benefits that are widely offered by employers in your industry to ensure that you can offer your employees a competitive benefits package. You can now tailor a package to suit your employees’ unique needs by selecting the level of cover and retirement contribution.

FundsAtWork offers solutions that enable income continuation for various life circumstances and events. These could be disability such as dread disease, an individual going on retirement or death which could leave one not being able to provide for their dependants’ financial needs.

We understand the importance of financial advice and education. We stand for advice and service excellence, everything we do is in partnership with the financial adviser, together we support our clients’ ability to meet their income continuation needs. We provide financial advisers with the best products to take care of their clients.

All our product solutions are built on the philosophy of transparency, flexibility, value for money and ease of use.

INSURANCE INCOME CONTINUATION is provided by offering benefits that help minimise the impact of unexpected life-changing events that could leave your employees unable to earn an income due to dread disease, disability or death.

RETIREMENT INCOME CONTINUATION is provided by offering retirement and preservation product options that are designed to facilitate income continuation for when your employees reach retirement. Lifestyle benefits make it possible for members to have access to a pension backed home loan facility at competitive rates and to also enjoy Momentum’s wellness and rewards program, Multiply


The Ingwe and Custom options provide affordable solutions for your low income and higher-income employees respectively. The Incentive and Extender options provide increased healthcare cover depending on your employees’ needs, life-stage and income.

Momentum Health, in conjunction with Multiply, offers more value to employees when they look after their health and provides incentives for employees to achieve their health goals. In your industry, employees normally have a wide spread of salaries and differing health needs.

Our offering can be tailored to cater for the needs of every cross section, from first-time-employed to top executives.

All Momentum Health options include free preventative care benefits via the Health Platform, protecting your employees’ health through early detection and intervention. The employee’s choice of provider for hospitalisation and chronic benefits can also be varied to enhance affordability, whilst the HealthSaver product can be elected to boost healthcare cover in a dedicated medical spend savings vehicle.

FundsAtWork is a product provider within Momentum Employee Benefits, a department within MMI Group Limited.