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Janu-worry 2021

Momentum Irene would love to be of service to you on your financial wellness journey. Feel free to connect with us on any of our platforms, and we will come to you - masked and all! If you would prefer a Zoom or Teams introduction, that can also be arranged.



We believe that no year should be written off especially one with the power to redefine your future and turn delayed dreams into windows of opportunity. Join the nationwide movement #2020TwoPoint0 and bring a new energy, a new attitude and a new momentum that will make you look back on this chapter on your journey to success… Continue reading #2020TwoPointO

Momentum Multiply

Momentum Multiply lockdown level 3 update

Did you know, since lockdown began on 27 March, our members have earned over 500 000 Active Dayz™? We’re so proud of all of you. This shows a commitment to staying active and being healthy – which is what being a Multiply member is all about. Keep the momentum! Your physical and mental health is… Continue reading Momentum Multiply lockdown level 3 update