Medical Aid

Momentum Health

Do you have short-term insurance for your house? Your car? Then why not have the same for the vehicle that takes you through life. That is exactly what Medical Aid is. Medical Aid is short term insurance for your body.

Momentum Health has a variety of Medical Aid Plan options available to you, depending on your specific needs. At Momentum Irene, we endeavor to tailor-make a plan that will suit your life.

Hello Doctor is included in any Momentum Health Medical Aid plan, and you can talk to a doctor on your phone, anytime, anywhere, in any language – for free.

Not only do we look after you in case of an emergency, but we reward a healthy lifestyle.

4 ActiveDayz per week will benefit both your health and your pocket. Earn HealthReturns of up to R3 000 per family, per month as well as free GP visits and increased in-hospital cover. (You will earn more HealthReturns if you sign up for Multiply, and this is dependent on the plan you choose)

Additional OPTIONAL benefits when choosing Momentum Health include:

Momentum Gap Cover: Manage the shortfalls in your healthcare cover.

Multiply: Make provision for healthcare expenses, such as vitamins or co-payments, through HealthSaver Get real rewards like discounts and cashbacks from over 60 partners.

Contact us for a Medical Aid plan that will suit your needs, or, for more information please download our brochure below: