Last Will and Testament


I saw a post on one of my Facebook Groups about a week ago – someone needed help with the setting up of a last will and testament. There were loads of offers to help, be it free of charge (that came with a lot of comments as to why it will be free…) or not. One lady though, let’s call her Anna, commented with “buy a testament from CNA or PNA, complete it yourself, and appoint a family member or friend as executor, and, added in brackets – if it is not a complicated estate. Anna said, that way, you will save a buck or two.

What will be “not complicated”?

If you have no debt, no assets and no dependents you will fall in that category, and you can save yourself the trouble of going to CNA, write your last will and testament on a piece of paper, date and sign it, and give it to someone for safekeeping.

However, it is not all that easy for everyone.

One of my dear friends passed away about a year ago. He was taken from us very suddenly – it all happened within a week. During this difficult time, I could assist his wife with everything that was needed, as I assisted in drafting their will. With this being so close to home, it just made me realize how important this piece of paper really is.

Can YOU answer the following questions?

Which documents do you need to have handy?
Who do you contact for his/her Funeral Policy and Life Insurance pay-outs?
What do you do with the money you receive?
Is there a tax implication when monies pay out?
The bond for your house is on both spouse’s name – how do you handle that?
How do you sell assets that is on your deceased partner’s name?
Did you know that bequeathing a firearm can be a problem?
Which fees are involved in setting up a trust, and does your estate have enough to cover that?

Be sure that your Last Will and Testament is indeed that. Your last will.

Please contact us to set up an appointment to plan your Financial Wellness, for when you are no longer here to do so.

Last Will and Testament


I didn’t marry my Highschool Sweetheart. It took me 33 years to find mine.

Yesterday, we would have been dating for 4 years, if she didn’t tell me she has planned our Honeymoon already and paid the deposits, so we had to get married. We lived in different provinces, only saw each other twice a month, and had to learn how to talk to each other. Strange concept, to talk, but I believe that will someday make all the difference! Today, we have been married for 2 years, 10 months and 29 days. Exactly. To the minute.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife. Sometimes I think I love her too much (if that is even possible). But it is tough. It is tough sharing your life, that you lived as you pleased for 33 years, with someone else. And I am sure it is the same for her. (She found me a bit sooner, but still…)

I plan to stay married to her. I really do not want to go through this process again. Being alone, finding someone who is not right, finding the next person, adjusting, falling in love, deciding, settling down AGAIN. But, one has to be realistic about these things.

Especially if you look at the latest findings on marriages and divorces in South Africa for 2016 released by Stats SA recently ()

Your Estate Planning has to be updated after any major life event, to ensure your stuff is going where you want it to go. Especially if you have kids!

Remember to update your Last Will and Testament after any of the below events:

  • Marriage
  • Serious Relationship with a Domestic Partner
  • Divorce
  • A new Baby
  • Stepchildren
  • Death of a Spouse or Child
  • A change of heart about Heirs
  • Changing Guardians of your children

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